Innovation Huddle



The purpose of Innovation Huddle is to give all children exposure and access to STEM and Computer Science programs. We believe that introducing children early to technology helps to spark the interest of students in engineering while developing their problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

How Does It Work?

By developing engaging and innovative activities based on technology creation, we help young children and youth build video games, website pages, animations, and much more. Through this program, we arrange coding classes, Hackathon, tech and innovation coaching and summer innovation and technology camp.

Students Will Experience

Coding Classes

Coding is computer language used to create computer software, apps and websites. Students will learn the general bases of coding in an effort to help them create projects such as: web pages, game designs and more.

Summer Technology & Innovation Camp

The week-long tech camp, for youth ages 8-16, includes 2-3 workshops focusing on robotics, web design, game app development, animation and/or rocketry. The camp also includes: speakers/mentors, student presentations, certificates and more. On the last day of the event, “demo day”, campers showcase what they created.


This two-day event is designed to pair technology mentors with students in an effort to collaborate around computer programming to problem solve community, social and global issues.

Tech & Innovation Coaches

Innovation Huddle will also feature tech MVP’s (most valuable programmers) who will talk to students about various STEM career fields.


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